A diverse and connected musical community where artists of all ages use their creative voices to shape the future.

The Firehouse is a creative learning space in the Forest Park – South Avondale neighborhood of Birmingham, Alabama dedicated to the enrichment of the city’s musical community. We offer a variety of music education programs with scholarship opportunities for the musically-underserved students in the community, as well as sustainable employment for Birmingham’s working musicians.

Founder and Executive Director

Eric has committed his life to music and music education. In Eric’s own words, “Through art, you can make your way through this world.” Learn more about his vision for the Firehouse by reading his bio.

The Firehouse is actually located in a historic fire station! The main facility, a two-story building with offices on the first floor and learning spaces on the second, served as the fire station for the city of Avondale prior to its annexation into Birmingham in 1910. The main facility is on the National Historic Register, and, over the past 100 years, it has hosted many different tenants, including a barber shop and an advertising agency. On the side of the building, visitors will find a two-story mural by Austin-based visual artist Tim Kerr. The mural features illustrated profiles of Sun Ra, Angela Davis, Spider Martin, and Fred Shuttlesworth.