In January of 2020, Colt walked into the Firehouse for the first time with his friend Fintan, a talented drummer and student of Eric’s.  Colt grabbed a guitar for the first time, and in the year-and-a-half since, he has gone from beginner-guitarist to writing, recording, and producing his first original song.

“I honestly never thought I’d enjoy playing music this much, but I just love it,” Colt reflects. 

“I already enjoyed listening to music, but being able to play it and do it myself is awesome.”

Colt quickly took to the guitar, learning riffs from Yes to AC/DC in no time.  Soon enough, he branched out and began learning drums.  “The Firehouse has everything in here, so I was looking at the drums and thought to myself, ‘hey, what if I just tried this?’ And sure enough, it was just as much fun as playing guitar.”  Eric and Colt began splitting their lesson time between both instruments, and even spent some time with the bass.

Combining his natural creativity with his newfound talent with the big three rock instruments, Colt set out to write his first song.  “The songwriting process was completely new to me.  Being able to workshop my sounds and ideas with {Eric} supporting me really helped.”  The result is Colt’s first single Matador, a grungy rock tune with a simple message: stay true to yourself, and work hard despite the outside world’s attempts at taking you down.

When asked what he plans to do in the future as a musician, Colt’s dreams and vision are equally big:  “I want to shoot for the moon.  Right now I’m a jack of all trades—I want to be able to get good at everything.  I feel like the sky is the limit.”

Colt’s band is called JACKELS, and his first single Matador is available here:

Check it out!

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