Will Stewart

“To me, music at its best involves collaboration. Even the act of attending a concert/show makes you part of a communal process that can shift the way a musician actually performs. I believe the best way to grow as a musician/writer etc. is to constantly observe and learn from other musicians (from as many genres and styles as possible) – playing solo is certainly rewarding in and of itself, but sharing the music making process with others is a whole other level of fulfillment, in my opinion. Just by playing one single time with a person will create a unique bond that will last many years”

Will’s Bio: I was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama. I learned guitar by entering the classical guitar program at Baldwin Magnet Junior High School. After high school, I attended University of Alabama Tuscaloosa and earned a degree in communications. I moved to Birmingham in 2006, then lived in Nashville from 2012- 2016 working as a freelance musician. After living and working in Nashville, I returned to Birmingham. Since my time at Baldwin, music has been a driving force in my life that continues to this day. I currently play in several local bands as well as my own solo project.

Will’s First Music Memory: I started playing my Mom’s guitar at the age of 10. A few years later, I enrolled into a classical guitar program at a magnet school in Montgomery. I quickly realized that I had a deep connection to music, and, more specifically, guitar.

Will’s Primary Instrument: Guitar!

Will’s Favorite Musicians: Neil Young, Bill Frisell, Hank Williams, John Coltrane, Bud Powell, Yo La Tengo, Cass McCombs, Gram Parsons, Lefty Frizell, Billie Holiday, Kitty Wells, Jessica Pratt, Bill Callahan, The Replacements, Big Star, Grateful Dead…I could on, but I’ll stop it there 🙂

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