“I love the surprising connections that can form when we make music with others, it is a unique bond to which nothing quite compares.”

Angela’s Bio: I grew up as a nomad, bouncing between Midwestern states like Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin with some intermissions in central Florida. For college, I moved out west to Santa Fe, New Mexico. After brief stints in Texas and Kansas City, I came to Birmingham in the year 2000, bought a house in Avondale with my husband Tim, and have lived here ever since. Our household has slowly expanded and now includes two boys, Nick and Isaac, a Saint Bernard named Bart, and a rescue mutt from Ruffner named Alex.

Angela’s First Music Memory: Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My dad played every instrument you can imagine, and briefly taught music theory; my mom directed church choirs and singing schoolchildren and had a few gigs as a church organist. Although we grew up close to the poverty line, we never lacked for instruments and music lessons. Our home almost always had a piano or keyboard, and we went through assortments of other instruments such as a cello, a harp, saxophones, an accordion, and a set of giant wooden recorders.

Piano teaching was actually my first job — I was recruited to teach some neighbor kids when I was 12. I’ve taught piano on and off ever since then, most recently to my own two sons. Most of my musical life was devoted to classical piano until I joined my sister’s band as a keyboardist and harmony singer in 2005, and I haven’t looked back!

Angela’s Primary Instrument: The piano is my primary instrument, but I also play a little guitar, and I enjoy singing, songwriting, and home recording. The great thing about playing keyboards is that you can add almost any part you can imagine to a song.

Angela’s Favorite Musicians: Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, Gillian Welch, Chopin, and Thelonious Monk are a few that come to mind today.

Check Out Angela’s Music: I have an album of original songs coming out Dec.18, 2020, which you can preview here:

In addition, I currently play keyboards and sing harmonies in the new Birmingham-based band Jenni’s Mixtape. You can learn more about my piano teaching philosophy, along with current music projects, at angelaseniczmusic.com.